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Angora projekt d.o.o.

Welcome to the Angora Projekt d.o.o. website.

Angora projekt d.o.o. is a private, multi-dimensional company specializing in providing a wide range of high-quality products & services. From our inception in 1994 until today, we have successfully assisted many European and US companies.

The Company is divided in two main departments: Real Estate and Professional Services.

Real Estate department is consisted of:

  • Real estate agency – Angora projekt d.o.o. is licensed by Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) and as such, it complies with all EU regulations. The agency has successfully sold over 300 properties over the last 5 years, representing many Croatia's top real estate developers and many satisfied private and corporate buyers.


  • Real estate development – Angora projekt d.o.o. invests in development of high quality residential buildings in Zagreb. Currently, the build out of residential building in Kajzerica is under way. Future plans include expansion into Istria by building smart, self-sustaining vacation homes for sale and rental.


  • Real estate mobile application „Kupi stan“ – In 2012, we have launched Croatia's first real estate application „Kupi stan“ („Kupi stan“ means „Buy an apartment/home“). The app is present at two largest mobile platforms IOS and Android. Up to date, „Kupi stan“ is the most downloaded mobile application in the region. To download the app, visit your market store or our web portal

Professional Services department is consisted of:

  • Angora consulting services – We combine our extensive business development, marketing & advertising knowhow in an effort to effectively bridge gaps between clients' ability to develop, market and deliver their products & services to their respective target markets. In collaboration with our professional partners, we are able to provide a full-service solution to many entrepreneurs from various industry sectors.


  • Angora office center – Angora office center (AOC) represents modern, effective and technically advanced smart office solution for small and medium-size businesses, start-ups, work-from-home entrepreneurs, mobile professionals, free lancers and everyone else who needs presentable and fully functional working space.


Angora office center offers unique business package integrating:
– office spaces
– cutting-edge technologies
– wide array of professional services
– many other executive benefits 


"To fulfill and exceed client's expectations, firstly, it is neccessary to find out and understand what they are."

Goran Turkić,
Owner & CEO


Construction and interior decoration

In addition to investment in housing construction, Angora Project d.o.o. also offers the possibility of building and arranging objects of various purpose.

Our specialty is the construction work, including the decoration of the roh-bau area until full functionality and adaptation of old real estates (modernization of apartments in the center of Zagreb, villas on the sea, etc.). 

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